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"Made 4 racks of ribs for my kid's birthday party and they were a hit with the kids and parents! Loved that we could make some spicy and some not, the Kicker is way better than red pepper flakes or cayenne. Will definitely using this for future bbqs!"

- Tim R. 

"We had friends over for tacos and made the recipe on the Carnitas bottle - easy and really delicious! Will be using the leftover to make burrito bowls for lunch this week."

- Marcus J. 

"Got the set for my boyfriend's birthday because he loves grilling. We've been using these to grill chicken almost every week. Its sooo good!"

- Bethany K. 

The Whole Set

$85 + Free Shipping (Save 21% with The Whole Set vs. buying separately)

Rule the summer BBQ and party scene with the ultimate set of BIG MEAT SPICE RUBS. Crown yourself King of the Meats, Hostess with the Mostess, Captain Ameri-grill. 3 rub flavors and The Kicker to add as much heat as you like.

Give the gift of delicious BIG MEATS for Birthdays, Father's day, Mother's day, or Housewarmings!

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The Heartwood Grill Collection

$196 + Free Shipping (20% off compared to purchasing separately)

Tools you need to own the BBQ season this year. Our Heartwood Grilling Collection is made with durable stainless-steal frames and premium Heartwood handles. Our durable Leather Apron and Gloves protect you and your clothes from splatters and hot grease. High quality materials designed for optimal comfort and control mean long lasting, dependable grilling tools. 

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Summer Grilling Essentials

Sauce Mop


Sauce brushes are amateur hour next to this. The knots on these silicon ropes allow you to generously slather sauce all over your big meats. This is a grilling game changer. 

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Leather Apron


Looking good while you cook is part of the experience. This leather apron protects your clothes when slathering sauce and flipping the big meats. 

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Heartwood Grilling Tool Set

$92 + Free Shipping

Even before launching BIG MEATS SPICES we used these tools for grilling. They're well constructed, comfortable, and look pretty slick. Stainless steel with Heartwood handles. 

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What's in that bottle?

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